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Who Is Vinny Freeman?

James Vincent Freeman better known as Vinny "Vintage" Freeman was born in March of 1994, raised by his single mother in the small town of Bridgeport. Growing up nearby the city of Syracuse, NY area made getting into trouble a daily pass of time. This 30yr old local burnout has dedicated the last decade in the pursuit of quality entertaining. From his outrageous tattoos to his abstract music, Vinny Freeman refuses to represent anything less then legendary. While backed by a team of incredible Musicians, Producers, and Engineers he has developed a sound unique to his own. From being a top shelf live performer to hosting the It's Always Now podcast. Vinny collaborates with some of the biggest names in multiple different fields such as Riff Raff, The Game, Afroman, Chris Webby, David Lucas, Lyle The Therapy Gecko, and many more. Bringing an assortment of new music and live antics like no other. Vinny Freeman is contentiously lifting the bar for not only himself but for his loved ones and supporters. 

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